Calling all MKE Change Makers!

An Invitation to Walk Together on Your Journey to Wellness


What is MKEs Well?

We are Milwaukee's Only Subsidized Self-Care Series.

Everyone deserves the best coaching ever. This 6-week project gives Milwaukeeans expert advice and experiential learning opportunities in the 6 Aspects of Self-Care.


6 Aspects of Self-Care



Sport Exercise


Eating Hamburger_edited.jpg


Image by Womanizer Toys

Healthy Relationships 


Access to Mental Health Professionals

Sleep App


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Meet Your Host ... Coach Ambrose!

Project Leader of MKEs Well.

The MKEs Well project was inspired to prioritize self-care for people who usually care for everyone else. My vision is to give people access to wellness resources and tools through experiential learning opportunities both in-person and virtually. For six weeks, we'll expand our minds and take our bodies on an exploration through in-person events at the Sherman Phoenix and virtually on Facebook live. Join a session and sign up for your chance to win healthy incentives like water bottles, massage rollers, scented candles, gift cards, and more.


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